Tensile Fabric Structures

We specialise in creating innovative, visually arresting tensile fabric structures and canopies. Whether its architectural form or practical function that really matters, we can design a structure that will be perfectly executed. No matter how big or small, it will be built to your specifications, in line with your brief and your budget


Fabric Walkways

Choosing tensile fabric over traditional polycarbonate or glazed solutions for a walkway ensures that you have a solution that is durable, weatherproof and stylish. Commonly used to link buildings, or to provide shelter for passengers when travelling by bus, boat or plane, a tensile fabric walkway adds a functional, yet impressive architectural feature to any outdoor space.


Façade Cladding

Exterior cladding can dramatically improve a tired façade or provide a stunning focal feature. New build facades, car parks and older buildings can all be customised by a number of materials to create an architecturally arresting frontage.


Animal Enclosures/Aviaries

From smaller- scale holding pens to larger animal enclosures and bespoke aviaries, we specialise in mesh zoo structures and aviary enclosures. We have extensive knowledge in the design, engineering and installation of animal enclosures for zoos that maximise space and light to meet the needs of the animals, birds and visitors alike.


Playground Canopies

Installing one of our school canopies will create a stunning focal point at any school setting, as well as giving the school a highly functional permanent space for outdoor learning.
A permanent tensile fabric canopy or shade sail is an extremely practical and durable solution to providing safe, shaded areas for play and outdoor classroom activities.


ETFE Structures

ETFE is rapidly gaining popularity as a building material for roof structures and canopies. An economic, lightweight alternative to glass with a brilliant light translucency, it can be beautifully engineered to create dramatic architectural structures, canopies and roofs.


Honeycomb. Structures

oneycomb. is our timber modular system ideal for creating architecturally stunning spaces for outdoor learning and performance that blend seamlessly into the natural environment. The clue really is in the name, the comb. is short for combination, alluding to the many interchangeable forms that these structures can take.


Polycarbonate Canopies

Polycarbonate has long been relied upon as a durable, versatile, cost effective and low maintenance material for canopy structures. The lightweight and transparent material is ideal for creating an outdoor covered area for playgrounds, bar and pub dining areas and smoking shelters, as well as shelters for public transport waiting areas.



Cladding a building with a living wall or installing a greewall in an atrium or lobby is becoming increasingly popular as a means for a company to promote an ethos of sustainability and well – being. Aside from creating an impressive statement, a greenwall solution delivers a multitude of benefits; the plants also improve air quality by working as a natural filtration system that reduces pollutants.