Tensile membrane is a highly versatile medium that can be manipulated to create dramatic and bespoke tensile fabric structures and canopies. We specialise in creating innovative, visually arresting tensile structures built to your specifications.

Bespoke fabric structures can be designed to fit any design or environment both interior or exterior, they are suitable for a huge range of applications being both lightweight and flexible, as well as durable and robust. We can work from drawings or detailed tender documents to visualise your scheme whatever the scale and ambition. Our expertise in delivering world class tensile fabric structures arms us with the specialist knowledge to realise your project aims using the latest in fabric developments and techniques to ensure we don’t just meet your expectations – we exceed them.


Fabric Walkways

Our Custom designed and engineered fabric walkways provide a stunning architectural focal point, as well as providing functional shade and wet weather covering.

Often used as bridging between buildings, walkway canopies can be freestanding or attached to existing buildings, designed with straight and simple lines, or taking on curved, even wave like form. When combined with bespoke lighting schemes, fabric walkway structures can be incredibly stunning after dark.


Fabric Facades

Fabric cladding can be a highly versatile, lightweight, and cost-effective alternative to more traditional forms of construction. Cladding facades of buildings in fabric membrane is becoming increasingly popular as a choice to revitalise an existing structure, or to give a new building that wow factor exterior.

A bold and stunning choice for larger structures such as stadiums and arenas, tensioned fabric cladding can be installed quickly with dramatic results. Coloured fabric, detailed lighting schemes and even branding can be incorporated into the design of any fabric façade giving huge scope for creativity.



Architectural mesh and bespoke cable net structures provide the perfect safe and resilient canopy for animal enclosures and aviaries. The materials themselves are lightweight and extremely flexible, they can be tensioned in the same manner as a tensile fabric structure to create a rigid form or draped loosely as dictated by individual requirements. The versatility of the material allows useful flexibility in irregular enclosures, guaranteeing greater security for the animals while the very fine aperture of the mesh reduces the risk of injury to small birds and other animals / mammals.

As with all our structures, we offer a complete design and install service for our animal enclosure canopies with the wealth of experience and knowledge that results in quick, safe and professional install. Once in situ, our animal enclosures will provide a safe and resilient solution while allowing that open feel that gives greater visitor experience.


Playground Canopies

Installing one of our tensile structures in your school grounds, will create a stunning focal point, as well as giving your school a highly functional permanent space for outdoor learning.

A tensile fabric canopy can provide a beautiful and inspiring outdoor classroom space, while being extremely practical and durable. The beautifully crafted tensile shelter provides perfect light transmission giving your pupils the perfect outdoor shaded teaching space to read, write and draw with full 100% UV protection. The fabric membrane is also fully waterproof giving your pupils that extra cover when the weather breaks. We will work closely with you from the outset to ensure that we design and deliver the solution that works for the space you have and how you want to use it. Hard wearing, flexible to design and quick to install, choosing a tensile fabric canopy for your playground shelter or outdoor classroom will offer your school real value for money supported with a 10-year guarantee.


ETFE Structures

ETFE (Ethylene-Tetra-Fluoro-Ethylene) is rapidly gaining popularity as a building material for roof structures and canopies. An economic and lightweight alternative to glass, it can be beautifully engineered to create dramatic architectural structures, canopies and roofs. It is often utilised for large scale applications such as shopping centres, airports and sports complexes. It allows brilliant light transparency (over 95%) as well the for need minimal foundations and supporting steel framework when compared with a traditional tensile roof structure.

Another factor in the increasing use of EFTE as a material is it’s eco credentials, not only does it have a low carbon footprint, it has a durability, elasticity and strength that creates very low maintenance and long-lasting structures.


Honeycomb Structures

Each Honeycomb. Structure is a beautiful bespoke building made with strong natural materials to create a space for a multitude of different functions. The clue really is in the name, the comb. is short for combination, alluding to the many interchangeable forms that these structures can take.

Often chosen to create unique outside spaces, the structures take a stunning architectural form blending well into their natural environment. Popular for creative places and outdoor spaces, a Honeycomb. Structure can provide you with a multifunctional space for play, learning, educating, relaxing or performing.

When the Honeycomb. Structure is built you can chose changeable interior furniture, fittings and equipment that can easily be moved and recombined for different uses, making the structures multifunctional and cost effective.


Polycarbonate Canopies

Polycarbonate has long been relied upon as a durable, versatile, cost effective and low maintenance material for canopy structures.

The lightweight and transparent material is ideal for creating an outdoor covered area or shelter in playgrounds, providing the ideal combination of light and protection for the children to play beneath.

Polycarbonate can also be a cost effective long term solution for walkways and entrance canopy structures. Large projections can be covered quickly with minimal costs and a stylish result.



Whereas once the greening of buildings was left largely to nature, modern construction materials and methods allow us to provide sustainable living wall systems, that are both environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing and long lasting.

Combining stainless steel wire ropes, rods and mesh, our Green Wall systems are light weight and easy and fast to install, allowing architects to realise a variety of designs from new build applications to retro-fitting a tired facade.

A Green Wall solution can offer great ecological and performance benefits, helping to improve to building’s aesthetics as well as extending lifespan by enabling a layer of weatherproofing protection to the facade.