Covered Walkways

January 29th, 2019 1:49 pm

Walkway canopy structures can take on several forms and functions. Our custom designed and engineered walkways provide a stunning architectural focal point to any setting, as well as providing functional shade and wet weather covering. A walkway canopy can be a functional structure to link buildings, a public queuing canopy will provide vital protection from the elements, or an entrance canopy can deliver a strong aesthetic look.

Our covered walkways are bespoke structures, available in a range of sizes, shapes and designs – all created to the clients brief. Canopies can be manufactured from tensile fabrics or polycarbonate.

Tensile fabrics offer opportunity for more complex and architecturally interesting shapes to be created than more solid roof coverings. The fabric roof will also allow for corporate branding to personalise the canopy, as well as absorbing sound more effectively than a solid polycarbonate roof covering, creating a more pleasant ambient environment for those using the canopy for shelter.

Polycarbonate offers a more cost effective and functional choice, as well as having the flexibility to allow sides to fully enclose the structure. Both polycarbonate and fabric walkway canopies can be modified to allow solutions for rainwater collection, CCTV and bespoke lighting schemes.

Walkway canopies can be freestanding or attached to existing buildings. We can design with straight and simple lines, or develop structures that take on curved, even wave like form. We have designed, engineered, manufactured and installed a number of covered walkways for our clients, all serve different purposes and look visually very different – yet the purpose and end result is the same – the effective provision of a weatherproof protected space.

The team at New Wolsey Theatre approached us with architectural design brief, requiring a covered walkway structure that would deliver an impactful, attractive addition to the theatre frontage, as well as provide shelter and shade for their customers as they waited.

The resulting walkway canopy has the distinctive elegant form of a tensile fabric structure, with the PVC coated gold fabric membrane adding to the impact of the overall design aesthetic. The fabric canopy is supported by a series of cantilevered steel masts and stainless-steel cables from the theatre frontage, so the fabric canopy required less structural steel support, delivering an elegant look with clear spans of column-free space.

For the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company, we designed, engineered, and installed a tensile fabric walkway to protect passengers travelling to the Isles of Scilly on the Scillonian Ferry, from the often-unpredictable elements on Penzance Quay. The tensile fabric structure provides a durable, functional, and stylish covered walkway solution that offers both shade and wet weather protection. This highly effective canopy is made from fully waterproof and UV block coated PVC coated polyester membrane, with the steel structure engineered to resist the extremes of the British coastline, all year round.

Most of our covered walkways are engineered as permanent structures, however we so also offer demountable fabric canopies for either temporary event structures or, as was case with queuing canopy at Penzance Quay, where the planning constraints required a temporary structure. Whatever the brief, the budget or the client needs, we can design and install a covered walkway canopy that will exceed expectations.