Tensile Canopy and Aviary Structures for Slimbridge Living Wetlands project completed

July 7th, 2020 10:38 am

As Slimbridge WWT opens their doors again, visitors are treated to the visual spectacle created by the new Living Wetlands Theatre Area. The LWT was created as part of the Slimbridge 2020 project and Arc were fortunate enough to win the tender for the works.

We designed, engineered and installed a 2000 square meter walk-through Waterscapes aviary, allowing visitors to get a birds-eye view of the we, and an awe inspiring 6m span bespoke tensile canopy to sit atop their 380-seat open air Living Wetland Theatre, as well as the back of house holding pens for the birds.

Engineered by Artura and installed by Alpha Rat, the completed structures create a commanding impact on the Slimbridge skyline.

The dramatic tensile amphitheatre canopy designed to emulate the wingspan of a large bird takes centre stage.  Flanked by the huge aviary, it provides a stunning architectural focal point that perfectly complements both its surroundings and its new inhabitants. animal enclosure

Although opening the Living Wetland Theatre experience has had to be postponed, the visual impact of the structures is there to marvel at and immersing yourself in the sights and sounds of the Living Wetland experience itself will be worth the wait!